Tannus Tyres - The Puncture-less tyre!

Tannus Tyres

Say goodbye to punctures! The solid tyre from Tannus is made from a clever polymer that incorporates millions of tiny air bubbles to give the feel of a pneumatic tyre without the risk of puncturing. Tannus tyres have a similar rolling resistance to a pneumatic city bike tyre and are expected to last for at least 9,000km. They are a little heavier than pneumatic tyres but if you're worried about the extra weight, remember you'll no longer need to carry a pump or spare inner tubes!

We keep a small stock of Tannus tyres in, but as there are such a wide range of sizes and colours available it is easier to order in as required, so please contact us with your requirements. Our supplier doesn't always have a full selection of colours in stock, but we can advise you what is available.

Options available

16 x 1.25 (Brompton) for rim width 17-20mm - Weight 310g
Colours: Yellow / Red / Blue / Green / Black

20 x 1.5 for rim width 17-20mm - Weight 730g
Colours: Black

26 x 1.75 for rim width 17-20mm - Weight 700g
Colours: Blue / Black / Red

700 x 23c for rim width 13-15mm - Weight 380g
Colours: Orange / Blue / White / Yellow / Pink / Green / Black / Red / Brown / Beige

700 x 28c for rim width 14-16mm - Weight 430g
Colours: Orange / Blue / White / Yellow / Pink / Green / Black / Red

700 x 32c for rim width 18-20mm - Weight 660g
Colours: Beige / Black / Blue / Red

700 x 40c for rim width 19-21mm - Weight 720g
Colours: Black

Will Tannus tyres work with my rims?

There is no need to change rims, if you have clincher rims now, Tannus tyres can be mounted on them using the Tannus patented locking pin system and instructions, and tools are included with every tyre. You'll need to check the inner width of your rims before purchase. Although Tannus solid tyres fit most ALU clincher rims, some manufacturers produce rims that do not work with Tannus solid tyres.

Cost of tyres and fitting

Tyres are £69.99 including fitting for each tyre. They can be fitted at home, but it does require a fair amount of physical strength and can be time consuming.


Tannus Tyres fitted to a Brompton