Bike Servicing

Cycle Service

Servicing your bike will help keep it running smoothly and reduce wear and tear on the components, extending their life. It will also identify items that need replacing or repairing to reduce the risk of mechanical failure.

We can service all types of bike including electric bikes and offer different levels of servicing depending on your requirements. We test ride all bikes after the service as they will perform differently under load than hung up in a workstand.


Basic Bike Service
Our deluxe service starts at £49 which gives the bike a tune-up and check over. The gears will be indexed, the chain lubricated and the brakes adjusted and we'll get your ride running smoothly again. The bike will also get a full safety check to make sure everything is functioning and tightened correctly. Suited for bikes that have been sitting around for a while with little use. All parts and fitting required are extra.
Seasonal Bike Service
Our super deluxe service is £79 and includes the deluxe service plus a more comprehensive check and maintenance of other components. All the inner cables are replaced and included in the cost of this service, plus we'll true your wheels if required. The bottom bracket, cassette and chain will be checked and cleaned. This will get your bike feeling almost like new. We'll generally fit any extra parts required as part of the service and only charge the cost of the parts.
Full Bike Service
This is the ulitmate option! Our full service includes a full strip down and rebuild of the whole bike, for £150. All the components are taken off the bike and rebuilt and re-greased where applicable. Your bike will look and feel like new! Suited to cyclists who race or take part in high mileage events and want to get the best from the bike.


We have a minimum charge of £19.99 for a full inspection of a bike.

How often you need to service your bike really depends on how much you use it and in what conditions, but for someone who uses a bike fairly regularly every 6-9 months is sensible. When you bring your bike in we can recommend which service will be most appropriate to the condition of your bike and your level of use.

There is no need to book for servicing or repairs. Bring your bike in and leave it with us to work on, if there is extra work or parts required other than small items we will contact you to discuss. Once your bike has been serviced we will contact you to let you know it's ready for collection. For small repairs it is likely we'll be able to fix it there and then. If you need your bike looking at urgently, please call ahead.