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We are a dealer for a number of brands including Alan, Brixia, Cuda and some others. If you are interested in a specific model of a producer that is not listed on the website, don’t be shy to discuss it with us we can order your dream bike, especially for you.

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Alan bikes 

Alan Bike was founded in 1972 and has been operating in the cycling sector for over 40 years with the patent of the bicycle frame in light aluminium alloy.

Alan built specific frames used by most international champions with more than 20 world titles won since the 70s. Frames with unique comfort and durability, suitable for the most extreme conditions and stresses, for maximum performance on each course.




Brixia bikes

Bikes & e-bikes designed in Italy.

Brixia bikes is a 2 model line-up: Alata model for high stiffness and aerodynamic design and Cidneo for lightweight aerodynamic climbing design.