Electric Bikes (e-Bikes)

Perfect for those Bristol Hills!

Electric eBike

Electric bikes are becoming ever more popular, offering an easy way to get into cycling (or back into it).

The growth of electric bikes has been somewhat impressive, with an estimated 200,000 units sold in Europe in 2007, increasing to over 700,000 only 5 years later in 2012, a market growth of 250%.

The technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and the features and ranges that you can get are quite remarkable. A decent eBike isn't cheap, but a well built one will cost pennies to run and minimal cost in maintenance, offering significant savings petrol or public transport. Go for quality, otherwise the chances are you'll spend more on repairs long term.

At Gary Harris Cycles, we have a range of e-bikes including Tern and Colnago.